Y-FIX 110

It’s very safe.Y-FIX110

Y-Load limiter, New Technology for safety only in poled Curved design for distribute impact efficiently.
Combination child seat, super long period of use, 1 to 10 years.

Y-Loadlimiter, Exactly the same technology of vehicle safety

Hundreds kg of impact load are concentrated in seat belt when collision accurs.
And this shock will be delivered directly to child, cause serious injury

We focused *load limiter, the vehicle safety technology, Through repeative simulations and very severe tests, we developed Y-load limiter for child seat.
Y-load limiter reduces extremely injury by seat belt.

*load limiter : Device reducing shock to body by adjusting belt tension.

Untill 6 years old, 5 Point Sabelt Safe until 6 years, with 5 point Sabelt only in poled.

2 point belts are installed on bus, 3 point belts are installed on passenger car.
5 point belts are installed on racing car, because it’s safer.
With this 5 point belts, Y-Fix 110 keep child safe.
In addition, we installed buckle of sabelt the world best belt company.

Y-FIX 110 Covers 1~10 OldY-Fix 110, A very reasonable child seat from 1 to 10 years,

Y-Fix 110 is toddler child seat can be used from 1 to 10 years old.
For the best condition of each size of ages, Headrest and belt are adjustable by 10 fine steps.

Group1 (9~18kg)
using its own harness
Group2 (15~25kg)
using its own harness and vehicle seat belt
Group3 (22~36kg)
using vehicle seat belt

One hand RecliningVery easy to change angle with one hand.

It’s possible to adjust angle (overall 15° angle, steps).
With one hand easily, Helps child’s comfortable trip.

Auto adjust HeadrestWith one hand easily, Helps child’s comfortable trip.

For the safety, It’s possible to adjust the best height of headrest.
You can adjust its height very easily in the condition of assembled on car unless removing belt.

Side Impact Absorbing System3 stage of Impact Absorbing System

  • 1 stage : a radial shape structure absorb energy
  • 2 stage : a streamlined shape flexible structure
  • 3 stage : high strength EPS foam absorbing impact

Y-Fix 110, A curved designing feels cosy.

A detailed simulation for safety, bad condition test equal to automotive safety levels.
Y Fix 110 was completed with this various tests.
Inner extreme stability with curved line, feel cozy.

Real Safety, Only poledAn actual vehicle crash test, continuous sled tests.

We did actual car crash test with brandnew Santa-fe 2018 of HMC.

Especially, you can use 5 point belts what is safer than 3 point belts.

Because our product designed very strongly with numerous actual car test and sled tests

Y-FIX 110 Sled TEST

Product Information

  • age(weight)
    1 to 10 years(9~36kg)
  • size(weight)
    W440 x T480 x H600(11.5kg)
  • type

Y-FIX 110

Group I (9~22Kg),Group II (15~22Kg),Group III (22~36Kg)
컴비네이션 카시트
Size and Weight
W440 x T480 x H600
Y-Loadlimiter: 나이별 2step 벨트 하중 조절
Harness belt: 5점식 벨트, Sabelt 버클
Headrest: 10단계 조절 (상하 51mm)
Belt Guide: 헤드레스트와 함께 자동 조절
Reclining: 3단계 조정 (5도/단계)
Polarbear on the sled
“The safe and convenience for Your baby”

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