Ball-FIX 310

3~Child Seat for 3 to 10 years old
Safety and Comfort of Creative Ball-Guide

Ball guide

Ball-FIX 310 prevents injury by belt twisting, and find the best belt position for child along his shoulder.
The Ball-Guide of Ball-FIX 310 is the only skill finding best position of seat belt in all vehicles

Y-FIX 110

Combination Child Seat for 1 to 10 years old
Y-Loadlimiter, Exactly the same technology of vehicle safety


Belt is the most impotant thing because combination child seat uses its own belt.
Loadlimiter device, the double safety of vehicle, is installed in Y-Fix 110 only in the world.

Actual Car crash test

Through repeative simulations and very severe tests, poled was completed.

Polarbear on the sled
“The safe and convenience for Your baby”

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